1) How much do the folders cost?
The folders can be completely free to you. We sell a few advertisers to cover the cost.

2) How long are you in my town selling ads?
We are normally in and out in a day. We only sell between 3-8 advertisers.

3) How long after you sell the ads does it take for us to get the folders?
It's normally a 3-4 month process. We print between 12-20 towns per month and it normally takes 3-months to gather all the ad copy, design the front cover and get the product printed and shipped.

4) Can I get them in less time?
The turnaround can be 4-6 weeks if you provide all of the graphics

5) Do we have to design our own Front Cover?
No. If you will send us pictures and logos, we will do it for you at no cost.

6) What is the minimum number of Folders I can Get?
500 Folders is the least amount that can be ordered.

7) How many folders do you normally print?
The number can be negotiated but we normally print between 1,000-1,500. This will last most towns 1-2 years.

8) What is the Maximum number of Folders I can Order?
The number can be up to any quanity you want. The cost is less the more you buy.

8) How much does Shipping cost?
We provide Free Shipping to anywhere in the United States.

10) What are the printed on?
They are made of 100# Glossy paper. It is the Best!

The Folders are of excellent quality. They give us and our realtors a very professional way to help sell our town."
Wayne Mays (Executive Director)
Siloam Springs, Ar Chamber of Commerce

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